The Research and the Lived Experience program contains the following elements:


1Pre-Program Learner Assessment The pre-program learner assessment is an online survey which asks you to rate your current comfort level with the topics covered in the Program. This assessment can help you identify content areas where you may choose to focus your studies.
2Module #1: Collaborative ResearchThe first of eight e-learning activities in the Program. This module introduces the idea of "collaborative research" and explores why it is an important concept for carers or people with lived experience interested in becoming involved in research activities.
3Module #2: Effective Team WorkThis module will introduce the idea of team work in research activities.
4Module #3: Conflict Management and ResolutionThis module will discuss interpersonal conflict in the context of the research team. We will explore what creates conflict, what sustains it, and what can resolve it.
5Module #4: A Personal Policy for Collaborative ResearchIn this module you will create your own personal policy of collaboration: a personal guide as you journey into the world of research.
6Module #5: The Basics of Quantitative ResearchThis module provides an introduction to the research process and explores one of the major methodologies used: quantitative research.
7Module #6: Qualitative Research and Other ApproachesThis module introduces the other major category of research methodology - qualitative research - and explores some other approaches to the research process.
8Module #7: Ethics and the World of Academic PublishingThis module examines the concept of ethics in research and discusses the funding and publishing processes and how they impact research.
9Module #8: Knowledge TranslationThis final module discusses the process of getting research findings into policy or clinical practice.
10Post-Program Learner Assessment Now that you have completed the learning program, you will be asked to again reflect on your comfort level with the topics that were explored. This assessment can help you develop a plan for future learning in the area of research participation.

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